Regina Mills Appreciation Week
Day 1
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So I normally don’t post on here about anything like this but this is really disgusting to me, and I’m fed up with Lost Girls. The comments that are being directed at the new Peter Pan are vile, juvenile and disgusting over all.

And I refuse to remove their names because when I called them on it, as well as others (politely I might add) they deemed to remove our comments and continue to insult him. You have your favorites, whatever I get that. But this shit is disgusting.

There is a reason he was hired. There is a reason he is Peter Pan. That reason is not for you to fantasize, stalk, and torment with your harassing comments and disgusting behavior. Honestly. We do not hire face characters thinking on what will get you off the most. We hire them on their talent and their likeliness to the character. He was hired for that reason; not for your sexual fantasizes.

"I’m no queen. I’m no leader. I’m just a girl who lost her parents, ran away into the woods and became a bandit."


once upon a time meme: twelve characters [1/12]
     ↳ Belle Gold née French
"What do I have here? Self-respect!"

You’ll see that her fears and resistance to Hook in certain ways are based around what I can’t talk about.


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Part of your World | Into the Magic by chris.alcoran on Flickr.

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→ swanspirate asked: killian jones or charming?

Anna and Elsa OUAT Sneak Peek.


Created from images on Flickr from Jennie Park!


Created from images on Flickr from Jennie Park!